Who Stole My India? Revelations, Humiliations, and Hallucinations on Two Wheels

Amit Reddy

“I want to savor India, not save it,” declares Amit, as he sets off to discover what it means to be Indian. How? By hopping onto Kaya, his trusted motorcycle, and heading out on a year-long journey around the country.

Stepping outside his quasi-liberal, urban middle-class bubble he is forced to see the country through the eyes of the people he encounters—the tourist-hating tribal, the homosexual forced into marriage, the farmer without a farm. What begins as a journey fueled by nationalism, and not just a little narcissism, devolves into an agonizing insight into the country’s failures, and his own complicity in them.

An epic tale of India and Indians, and a young man's quest to understand the two, Who Stole my India? takes you on a tragicomic journey across the social and political landscape of the country.

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  • India Travel Motorcycle Journey Biking Human Rights Political Social Religion Literary fiction Literary non-fiction
    Language: English / Published: 26 March 2014


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    Amit Reddy

    Once upon a time, Amit Reddy worked at an ad firm, where he became adept at lying and living it up. He’s spent the last decade distancing himself from these talents by traveling and getting educated. With a master’s in literary nonfiction from RMIT, a master’s in public policy from Georgetown & a year’s worth of travel stories, "Who Stole My India?" is his maiden attempt at writing something Real.


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